Ankhara Collection

Oak bed frame with curved rattan headboard
Ankhara King Size Bed
W165 × D210 × H116 cm
Oak and rattan wardrobe & drawer chest
Ankhara Double Wardrobe
W165 × D210 × H116 cm
3-drawer oak chest with curved rattan drawer fronts
Ankhara Chest of Drawers
W100 × D46 × H84 cm
Oak dressing table with rattan drawer fronts
Ankhara Dressing Table
W80 × D46 × H125 cm
Round oak bureau desk with rattan panel doors
Ankhara Bureau Desk
W80 × D45 × H129 cm
The epitome of exotic style, turning your bedroom from bland and unimaginative into your very own resort styled space, the Ankhara collection combines innovative designs and curved edges and a rattan finish to present a whole array of bedroom furnishings and accessory pieces to bring your relaxing space to life. READ MORE…

With a very basic and natural colour palette, and clean edges with curves and details, this collection is both playful and highly stylish, fitting with the modern trend for neutral colours and minimalist furnishings while injecting a unique spin to the bedroom.

Whether you’re seeking the bare minimum in terms of furnishings for a small space or looking to envelop a large and open plan bedroom into your very own haven of rattan and natural shapes, each piece in the Ankhara collection uses shape to optimise the use of floor space and turn each furnishing into a statement.

You only have to look at the bureau desk to see how innovation frames much of the design of these pieces, while the various drawers, wardrobes, and beds all utilise curved frame edges and the rattan detailing for a light, soft, and inviting finish.

Thanks to the use of natural oak in the wood framing, each piece in this collection is long lasting and durable and will withstand the test of both time, and wear and tear.

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