Brooklyn Clothes Rail

Clothes rail with white tubular metal frame and ash wood shelf
Brooklyn Clothes Rail, White
W105 × D57 × H164 cm
Clothes rail with black tubular metal frame and ash shelf
Brooklyn Clothes Rail, Black
W105 × D57 × H164 cm

When it comes to furnishing a bedroom, there’s a fine line between concealing your clothes and possessions and simply filling the space with boxy furnishings that boast little character and design flair. Read more…

While placing all of your clothes in wardrobes offers a neat and angular aesthetic which suits modern living, the benefit of an open clothes rail lies in both the accessibility of your clothes and the way that those clothes add effortless insight into your personality and style.

The clothes you wear are part and parcel of who you are – so why not use them as the base of your home design?

When you opt for an open clothes rail, you make your personal style a core part of the aesthetics of your space – not to mention you make it easier to put outfits together with a clear line of sight to all items of clothing.

And with the Brooklyn clothes rail available with a white or black frame, it couldn’t be easier to pull all of this together in a simple and refined way.

The frame, which combines the metallic element with a wooden shelf and wooden top rail, is extremely subtle and thus perfect for any and all settings – from modern design schemes to eclectic and colourful bedrooms.

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