Olinda Bathroom Furniture

White gloss bathroom furniture with colour bar
Lloyd Pascal Olinda Bathroom Furniture with Reversible 4 in 1 Colour Bar

If you love to frequently update your décor and colour schemes, the Olinda Bathroom Furniture range is the perfect option for you. Cleverly designed for those who quickly become bored of the same colour palettes in their home, this collection enables you to switch between four different accent colours thanks to the pieces’ reversible colour bars.

Each item in the Olinda Bathroom Furniture range has an accent bar, and this can be easily changed between blue, green, grey, and pink depending on your mood.

Reversible colour bar
Blue, green, grey and pink colour bars
Blue, Green, Grey & Pink reversible colour bars allow you to change the accent colour of your bathroom without having to buy new units.

Mostly white in colour, the collection includes everything you need to update your bathroom. The mirrored wall cabinet and single door floor cupboard are ideal for compact bathrooms, and the under-sink unit makes the most out of unused space.

The two-door floor unit has plenty of room for all of your bathroom essentials, and the range’s tallboy cabinet boasts both open and closed storage space so you can easily display items and hide others away.

The cupboards and cabinets have a sleek design with clean lines and no handles, and each unit has been finished with white satin paint to ensure a fresh look.

White gloss wall mounted cabinet with 2 mirror doors
Olinda Double Door Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet
This wall-mounted cabinet offers convenient storage for everyday items as well as a pair of mirrored doors with a handle-free finish.
W48 × D17 × H53 cm
£79 Plus delivery
White floor cabinet with internal shelving
Olinda Single Door Floor Cabinet
A slimline floor cabinet with a pair of internal shelves.
W29 × D29 × H88 cm
£109 Plus delivery
2 door floor cabinet with internal shelving
Olinda Double Console Bathroom Cabinet
The two-door option offers more space for storage and the handle-free design results in a clutter-free aesthetic.
W56 × D26 × H88 cm
£139 Plus delivery
White under the sink cabinet
Olinda Under Sink Unit
Tidy up and utilise the space under your sink basin with this clever cupboard unit.
W55 × D29 × H60 cm
£109 Plus delivery
White bathroom tallboy unit
Olinda Tallboy Bathroom Cabinet
A tell, slim unit with a pair of cupboards, each with an internal shelf, as well as an open storage shelf in the middle.
W30 × D30 × H169 cm
£159 Plus delivery

Whether you’re looking to overhaul your bathroom completely or are searching for pieces that will give you extra storage, the Olinda Bathroom Furniture range has what you need. Its timeless design means that it won’t need regularly updating, and its innovative reversible colour bar gives you the option to mix things up without redecorating.

Plus, you’ll find that each bathroom cabinet and cupboard is just as functional as it is fashionable, ensuring that the entire range will tick all of your boxes.

Ready to update your bathroom? Shop the Olinda Bathroom Furniture collection today.

Standard delivery charge is £3.99 or £19.99 depending on size.

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