Rococo Frame Full-Length Wall Leaner Mirror

With a blend of ornate decoration and simple framing, this Rococo frame in Black is the perfect addition to a modern and stylish bedroom – offering a practical function to match its aesthetic value. READ MORE…

For those homeowners looking for a full length mirror which can integrate and blend seamlessly into the background of their bedroom, while still presenting a stylish finish, this is the perfect bedroom accessory for you.

The design of the frame is simple from bottom to top, with the very top centre part of the framing boasting an intricate finish which is reminiscent of high end traditional decoration from previous interior generations.

The use of pure black across the entire body of the mirror’s frame allows the design to standout, while the juxtaposition between the sharp bottom corners and the curved edge across the top creates a softened effect which is perfect for a bedroom space.

In terms of placement in your bedroom or dressing room space, this mirror can be stood against a wall thanks to its wide stable base frame, or it can be hung from a wall using the built-in hooks across the back of the structure.

Made from MDF with a painted wood finish, this mirror manages to be lightweight and ease to move without detracting from its quality or stability – meaning that it can be moved according to the falling of natural light into your bedroom, or for ease of dressing.

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