Piglet in Bed Bedding

Blue Gingham Bedding
Piglet in Bed Gingham Linen
£39 – £299
Striped linen bedding
Piglet in Bed Stripe Linen
£30 – £229
Linen bedding
Piglet in Bed Check Stripe Linen
£35 – £299
Linen bedding
Piglet in Bed Linen Bedding
£25 – £199
Berry check bed linen
Piglet in Bed Plaid Linen
£39 – £299

Are you a lover of the simple things in life? Do you like to contrast a modern home with textured furnishings, or tone down a more eclectic space with neutral colours and textures?
Then this is the bedding collection for you. Read more…

Piglet in Bed bedding is designed to bridge the desire for simple, traditional, and timeless designs – all brought to life within a soft touch linen fabric finish. You will notice that each and every design is minimalist in terms of how it presents itself, be it the more colourful pale blue and white gingham or the lightly striped linen in neutral colour tones.

Far from the bold and striking bed linens of artistic designers, which contrast a modern space with bright colours, these bed linens look as soft as they feel and have the power to transform your bedroom into your very own haven.

As well as the beautiful design, which feels authentically vintage but with all the hallmarks of modern luxury, these bed linens, duvet covers, and pillow covers are all exceptionally attractive – with wooden buttons forming the seam and a soft finish which lends itself to standing alone during summer and being piled high with blankets in the winter.

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