Matthew Williamson Cushions

Teal leopard print cushion
Matthew Williamson Leopard Print Cushion, Teal
Blue peacock print cushion
Matthew Williamson Peacock Ikat Cushion, Blue
Leopard theme cushion
Matthew Williamson Wild Cat Cushion

A selection of cushions crafted using art and ideas from interior designer Matthew Williamson, whose works centre around bright colours and statement patterns, and often explore the value of added features and textures.
From a design perspective, Matthew Williamson’s cushions span both the abstract and the traditional, with some designs which are purely design-led with a consistent pattern across the whole cushion, while others have a central figure and surrounding design to frame it. Read more…

You will notice as well that some of the Matthew Williamson cushions are plain in their texture, while others have a frayed edge for added detail and flair.

The juxtaposition between these different finishes ensures that every piece in the collection is unique and lends itself to a different environment or place in your home.

So many of Williamson’s designs and interior scapes combine bold colours and standout patterns with rustic or modern elements, to ensure that the designs don’t ever get lost in the surroundings.

As such, these cushions are perfect for both bedrooms and living spaces or can add some personality to a home office or even a hallway chair or storage bench.

Wherever you place your cushion, both you and your guests will love the infusion of colour – not to mention the comfort of a plump cushion complete with padded structure.

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